Dr. Patel will work to ensure that all appointments, tests and treatment are timely and effective. Most patients are seen following a referral from either a GP or another healthcare professional however patients may also contact Dr Patel directly for an appointment.

It is always helpful in a consultation to have as much previous information on the medical history as possible. This includes blood test results, X-rays, CT scans (or their reports) and a list of your medications.

Following a detailed consultation appropriate investigations will be recommended. Some of these such as spirometry (a measure of lung function) may be performed during the consultation. Other common investigations include chest X- Ray, chest CT scan and bronchoscopy.

Dr. Patel will discuss with you his initial clinical impression and work with you on any concerns and anxieties you might have. An individualised management plan that best suits you will be determined. Follow up consultations (if necessary) will be also be arranged.

Initial Consultation – £280
Follow Up Consultation – £195
Spirometry – £100

For all insured patients, we are fee assured so our charges are in line with the insurance companies published fees.