London’s Respiratory Consultant

Dr. Amit Patel - Lung Consultant

Co-clinical lead for Respiratory Medicine at King’s College Hospital. He also practices at Guy's and St Thomas’s Hospital. He is Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and also practices privately across London.


Consultation with a Lung Consultant

Dr. Patel will work to ensure that all appointments, tests and treatment are timely and effective.

What does the Respiratory System Do?

The role of the respiratory system is to deliver oxygen to the body and to remove carbon dioxide.

London's Expert in Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory medicine is also known around the world as pulmonology, respirology, thoracic and chest medicine.

Who should see a respiratory/lung consultant?


As a respiratory consultant, Dr. Amit Patel's private clinical practice involves diagnosing and treating patients with a wide range of respiratory conditions.
Patients come to see Dr. Amit Patel for his unrivalled expertise at a number of different, convenient locations throughout London.

If you are concerned about any of the conditions listed below, or would like to receive advice from one of the UK's best respiratory consultants, please get in touch today.

Areas of Expertise

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